Clarification of Marking Code on Plastic Diodes

Date: 2019-08-15
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In response to the questions concerning marking codes on plastic diodes, EIC would like to issue the following clarification:

Clarification of Marking Code on Plastic Diodes

Figure1­ Markingdescriptionofplasticdiodes

1.Marking on the middle section of each part represents manufacturing date, where date, month and year are coded into characters for standardization. The first character represents the last digit of manufacturing year. The second character represents month, in which January to September is equivalent to 1 to 9, and O, N, D is equivalent to October, November and December respectively. The number of dots at the end identify period of the month, in a way that each dot denotes 10 days period, e.g. three dots indicate that the part is manufactured on the last 10 days of the month.

2.Marking on the bottom section of each part represents marking code of the part, not the actual part number. Please note that the marking code of certain parts is identical with their part number, however, parts with long part number, e.g. Zener and TVS, are marked differently. For example, marking code of part No. 2EZ120D5 leaves out its series no. “EZ,” therefore; the marking on the part will only be “2120D5.”

Please refer to footnote in our datasheet for more information on marking code.

Thank you,

EIC support team

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