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Date: 2019-08-15
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Ref. EIC AD-003/2556

February 22, 2013

Subject Schedule of Annual General Meeting of Shareholders 2013andthe Omission of Dividend PaymentTo The PresidentThe Stock Exchange of Thailand

Electronics Industry Public Company Limited (EIC)would like to inform on the resolution of the Board of Director’s Meeting No. 1/2013held on 26thFebruary 2013on the following issues :

1.Agreed to propose in the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders(AGM) 2013to review and approve the Annual Financial Statements for the year 2012 as at 31 December 2012.

2.Agreed to propose in the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders (AGM)2013 to omit thedividend payment for the year of 2012 because the Company recordedthenetloss at 6.78Million Baht.

3. There was no responsereceived from any shareholders as the result from the announcement to nominate qualified candidates to be considered as the member of Board of Directors starting from 22th December 2012until 21January 2013. The Board of Directors, then, agreed with the Nomination Committeeto propose in the AGM 2013to approve the re-appointment of thedirectors whose term will be expired. The name of proposed directors are as follows :

1.Mr. SarawuthJinwuth

2.Assoc. Prof. Dr. Wisut Thitiroonruang

3.Mr. Sa-nga Wanasinchai

4. Agreed to propose the remuneration of Directors for 2013to be under the same structure as approved by the shareholders Meeting in 2012. The structure are as follows:

1.The Board of Directors, the Executive Committee, the Audit Committee, the Nomination Committee, the Remuneration Committee shall receive the compensation of Baht 10,000 per meeting. The Chairman of the Board of Directors, the Chairman of Executive Committee, Chairman of Audit Committee, Chairman of Nomination Committee and Chairman of Remuneration Committee shall receive Baht 15,000 per meeting.

2.The Director, who are assigned to work occasionally at the factory, shall receive the transportation allowance at the rate of Baht 30,000 per month.

3.Total remuneration, including the allocation for No. 1, No. 2 and No. 3stated as above, shall not be exceededBaht 4,000,000.

5.Agreed to propose in the AGM 2013to appoint Mrs. Suvimol Krittayakien CPA (Thailand) No. 2982and/or MissSomjintana Pholhirunrat CPA (Thailand ) No. 5599 and/or Mrs. Vilairat Rojnuckarin CPA (Thailand) No. 3104 from Office of DIA International Auditing as the auditors for the companywith the audit fee at Baht 795,000 (Seven Hundred Ninety Five Thousand Baht Only).The Audit fee for the year 2013is increased at 15,000 Baht when comparingwith the fee of2012 at 788,000Baht because of higher responsibilities to be given according to the changing of new Accounting Standards.ELECTRONICS INDUSTRY PUBLIC COMPANY LIMITED TH97/10561QM TW00/17276EM IATF 0060636SGS TH07/103365, 68 I-EAT Free Zone, Lat Krabang Industrial Estate, Soi Chalongkrung 31, Chalongkrung Rod, Lat Krabang, Bangkok 10520, Thailand E-mail : http. :// (Registration No. 0107546000041)TEL : (66 2) 326-1234 FAX. : (66 2)326-1020

6. The meeting agreed to schedulethe Annual General Meeting of Shareholders2013to be held on 23rdApril 2013at 14 hrs. at Krissana Room, Swissotel Le Concorde, Rachadapisek Road, Bangkok. Furtherscheduleforthe forthcoming AGM2013will be as bellowings:

Schedule for the AGM 2013


1.Record Date to specify the name list of shareholders who will be eligible to attend AGM2013.

March 14, 2013

2.Date to Compilethe name list according to Section 225 of the Securities and Stock Exchange Act B.E 2535, by way of closing the registration book.

March 15, 2013

3. Annual General Meeting of Shareholders 2013At Krissana Room, Swissotel Le Concorde, Rachadapisek Road, Bangkok

April 23, 2013

7. The meeting proposed the following agenda for the forthcoming AGM 2013:

1. To consider and approve the minutes ofthe Annual General Meetingof Shareholders 2012

2. To acknowledge The Board of Director's reporton the Company'sperformance in 2012.

3. To approve the Audited Financial Statement for the year of 2012.

4. To approve the omission of dividend payment for the year0f 2012.

5. Toapprove the re-appointment of the directors whose term will be expired.

6. To approve the directors' remuneration for the year 2013.

7. To approve the appointment of the auditors and their auditing fee for the year 2013.

The Record is scheduled on 14thMarch 2013, while the closing date of the registration book will be on 15thMarch 2013. TheResolution will be posted on the Websiteatwww.eicsemi.comstartingfrom today before the distribution of the invitation letter and the Annual Report to all Shareholders.

Yours faithfully,

Withaya ChakphetManaging Director

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