Warning letter for all customers.

Date: 2019-08-15
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June 17, 2013


This is to notify that Electronics Industry Public Company Limited (EIC) had terminatedthe authorization given to “EIC SEMILTD.”to purchase and sale of the productsunder EIC Brand.The termination was effective sinceApril 2012.Any unauthorizedsales made by EIC SEMI LTD.after the termination period will constitutefraud and trademark violation.

As it is now obviously misunderstanding by some customers to buyproductsfrom EIC SEMILTD..We, Electronics Industry Public Company Limited (EIC) will not be responsible on any purchasing and sales of such fraud and trademark violation.

For any purchasing / quotation / technical servicing / and financial transferring, please contact our EUROPEAN Authorized Distributors with their name listed in our website: www.eicsemi.comor please contact our direct sales personsat our headquarter :;;

Yours sincerely,

Withaya ChakphetManaging Director

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