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EIC is a major international manufacturer and supplier of discrete semiconductors. With over 15,000 parts and more than 50 package types, EIC offers one of the most comprehensive diode portfolios in the industry. The company’s products can be classified into five main categories:

•  Rectifier Diodes
•  High Speed Switching / Small Signal Diodes

•  Zener Diodes
•  Transient Voltage Suppressor Diodes
•  Transistors

EIC provides end to end manufacturing with a dedicated wafer fab and assembly plant to ensure control of quality and supply. Expansion of the wafer fab during 2007 has provided EIC with the ability to supply products in die and wafer form, in addition to packaged parts.

EIC provides its customers with world-class service and technical support, as well as high quality products at competitive prices. The company’s processes and procedures, from design to after sales service, are fully ISO 9001, ISO14001 and ISO/TS16949 certified, and all products are RoHs compliant. With sales offices worldwide, and a reliable logistics process, EIC is able to offer customers quick responses to both technical enquiries and product delivery.

The EIC Engineering team is focused on developing superior discrete products to satisfy the variety of requirements from new customer systems. The company also offers an extensive capability for research and development of special purpose devices, to satisfy unique customer applications. These are achieved with close attention to cost reduction and fast time to market.

EIC History
  • 1984
    Establishment of EIC as a trading company
  • 1986
    The second building was put into use, and the area of the factory was enlarged by 1,200 square meters.
  • 1988
    The third plant was put into use, and the factory area continued to expand by 6,000 square meters
  • 1990
    EIC started manufacturing Diodes
  • 1996
    Company's registered capital in Thailand increased to 300 million
  • 1997-2000
    EIC awarded the ISO 9001 & ISO14001 certification
  • 2002
    In order to increase the production capacity of glass-encapsulated diodes and SMD packaged diodes. The fourth 4000 square meter factory is put into use
  • 2003
    EIC was listed as public company in TSE, EIC PLC
  • 2006
    EIC opened the Wafer Fabrication plant
  • 2007
    EIC PLC achieved ISO/TS16949
  • 2009
    EIC achieved the aerospace AS9001 audit and start supplying the diode for Aerospace application
  • 2012
    EIC started supplying the diode for automotive application: start motor, ignition in mass volume to world class automotive maker
  • 2014
    EIC Semiconductor was establish as subsidiary company of EIC PLC for focusing on the manufacturing and selling of diode business
  • 2016
    EIC invested on the new reliability machine for the laboratory
  • 2018
    EIC invested on more machines to expand the wafer fabrication capacity
  • 2019
    EIC invested and started fully SMD automation production line
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